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Hot Nepali Girls

Cute Nepali Girls

Nepali girls are well known for their cute and sexy beauty. Nepali girls are doubtlessly one of the most cute, pretty, beautiful and sexy girls in the world. Further Nepali girls do not hesitate to wear anything. They easily wear short dress, miniskirts and tiny shorts. They know well they have lovely body and so they don't hesitate to show it.

Not only in cities but also girls in village are really attractive and beautiful and does not seem they are village-girls.

Beautiful Body - Innocent Face

nepali girl legsNepali girls have really inccocent and cute face. This makes them look always fresh and beautiful. Except their fresh beauty, Nepali girls are rich in smooth skin. Hairless legs and hands are a plus point for which men starve. Almost all Nepali girls have either no or very light hairs on their legs. Which is a major point regarding physical beauty of any female.

Some communities like Gurung, Magar, Sherpa, Tamang are completely hairless and looking their smooth hairless legs is really an enjoyment.

They love modern clothings. They know well, they have beautiful body so throughout the Nepal, shorts and miniskirts are pretty common and can be easily seen on streets anywhere. Even the village girls, grazing their cattles in the meadows can be seen easily in short clothings.

Due to their innocent nature with lovely beauty, often they are sexually used specially when when trying for career. Many Nepali girls are sexually abused in course of finding their career.

The boldness and openness of Nepali girls is seen in two fronts - 1. Nepali movies and 2. Nepali Modelling

Nepali Movies

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Nepali movies are very hot and sexy and some are even crossing all the limits. Though due to openness of Nepali girls some Nepali movies have gone to the limit of vulgarity but they were super duper hit in Nepal like "Chapali Height", "ATM" etc.

In "Chapali Height" the Nepali actress Binita Baral has given tight hugging scene without wearing anything on her uupper half. (See the images below).

In the same way in the Nepali movie "ATM" there are three beautiful Nepali actresses. And all the three actresses are competeting each other who can go more hot and sexy. In this movie one actress has given a shot where her co-actor cups her breasts openly. In another scene from this Nepali movie 'ATM' one actress is eating ice-cream in very deep neck extra short dress and when ice-cream fells on her exposed chest area her co-actor eats this ice-cream on her breasts by his mouth. (See images below).

Nepali Modelling

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Modelling is a craze among Nepali girls. No matter whether she is rich or poor, Nepali girls are very fond of getting shot in very skimpy clothings.

They themselves are ready to wear 'anything' for phot shoot so a number of photographers are emerged like mushroom in all the cities of Nepal. There are many websites producing hot images of homely Nepali girls. These girls ask websites to post their photos on website in desire to get any role in music video, movie or ven in any advetisement.

In this modelling field several girls are also "used" sexually and physically by photographers for posting their photos on website for free and also by others who indicate to give them a chance in advertisement or music video.

Later if that person does not give them chance in said video or advertisement the girl can not even complaint against that person for the sake of her modesty and character.

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