Bumps on Areola




Small Bumps on Areola - What are they.

You must have noticed small bumps on the areola. Generally most of the women have it, not in young age but in later age. They are called Montgomery glands or areolar skin glands. The function of these glands is partially unknown in medical science but scientists suppose they are there to lubricate the nipple/areola area.

These Montgomery glands can be about unnoticeable, OR stand out as bumps on the areola. They often become more prominent during pregnancy. Also, it appears they are white in some women.

Some women have squeezed them and can get a white substance out, but it should not be squeezed them to avoid any infection neither there is any reason to do so.

In one study, it was noted that women with more areolar glands had better or more optimal breastfeeding start after delivery. They also noted that the glands were seen in virtually all women in the study but with great interindividual variations; their areolar distribution was nonrandom, and about 1/5 of the women had glands giving off a secretion (the women who have just given birth).

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