Wrinkled Nipples - All About

Wrinkled Nipples - Why?



Many women get worried about their 'wrinkled nipples'. Few women have it permanently but many or most of the women get wrinkled nipples when they feel cold or when they get sensation. Their entire areola scrunches up into a wrinkled little mound.

Many deep wrinkles are created on the erected mount of areola. This is quite normal and it is found in most of the women when tehy feel cold or when they feel some sensation or feeling.

Also remember that the skin on areola is less sensitive or is with less feeling than other areas of your body. It is natural for the reason that if the areola was too sensitive, in this case the breastfeeding would probably be quite uncomfortable because the baby pulls and tugs it!

Though the nipples are sensitive but the level of sensitivity changes with hormonal changes, such as occur at mestrual cycle or pregnancy. Also the sensitivity varies with woman to woman. Some woman are too sensitive if once touches theie nipples but some women do not feel as much as sensation at the touch.

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